Cambridge Street Dance Academy Mt. Pleasant’s Elite Dance Studio



Why Dance?

Dance study comes with rewards and benefits that can last a lifetime. Increased physical strength, flexibility, and endurance are outwardly apparent benefits of dance. Self-discipline, time management, and increased memorization skills are benefits that will last a lifetime. In addition dance develops posture, grace, and overall poise. Dance benefits both male and female students.

Why Choose Cambridge Street Dance Academy?

Fun, excitement, friends, and dance education! Cambridge Street Dance Academy is an exciting place to learn more about dance. CSDA instructors are highly qualified dance professionals. CSDA offers each child numerous opportunities to perform and maintains an age appropriate approach to all forms of dance.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cambridge Street Dance Academy is to provide professional dance instruction to students of all ages, in a safe, nurturing environment. We believe a good Dance Education encourages creativity, promotes self confidence, and helps to instill the value of respect for oneself and others through the art and education of the discipline of Dance.