Classes Offered

Classes at Cambridge Street Dance Academy are offered for ages 3 and up.
Students progress from beginner through intermediate and on to advanced levels
at the discretion of the director, based on individual ability and achievement.


Fundamental tumbling skills are taught which develop a students strength & flexibility. Introduces acrobatic skills safely & correctly to help body control & balance. (ages 4 and up).


Provides a solid foundation for all other forms of dance and also forms the basis for discipline, creativity and appreciation of dance as an art form. Students are motivated to strive for excellence in technique, grace, and poise, with additional emphasis on strength, energy and athleticism.


A true American dance form which incorporates stretching for greater flexibility and helps to develop style, strength and versatility. Attention is focused on correct alignment and technique as well as learning several different styles of jazz dancing.


Is a combination of jazz, modern and ballet techniques incorporating balance, control and musical interpretation.

Musical Theater

A class that emphasizes storytelling and portraying of a Broadway Movie/Musical. Various Dance Styles are incorporated as well as acting/drama. A True Theatrical Dance Class.


Is an intricate form of dance with the feet as well as the body. Tap enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed and agility. Traditional and Contemporary tap styles are taught, with a focus on total body movement, technical correctness and performance quality.

Also Offered

Hip-Hop (for ages 6 and up)